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How to Get Income for Retirement



There is a highly important question that all of us often ponder, study and question.   What is retirement all about?  Is it just laying back in a hammock or maybe playing 18 holes of golf every day.   Maybe you want to be the grandkids’ chauffeur?  It could be any, all or none of these things.    It is a confusing time not knowing what to do with a lot of extra time on your hands.

Maybe you know what you are going to do,  since you now have the time to travel, engage in hobbies, buy an RV and see the USA.  But there is one problem, if you haven’t planned for retirement due to a variety of reasons you probably be doing none of these things.  Maybe all you can afford is to go to the afternoon matinee or watch those afternoon mind numbing TV programs.

This is could be a reason those  of you approaching retirement, may want to delay that day of saying good bye to your employer.  Have you  through about what these goals and dreams are in retirement are going to cost?

When you are employed or entering the employment market, you may take any old job that comes along, to get started.  As time goes by and your experience increases, you have certain ideas of what you want to do and what you are qualified to do.  You start to plan out a destination for your working career.  This should be the same for your retirement.

Freedom of Retirement

I think people have the wrong idea of retirement.  It’s not about becoming inactive.  Much to the contrary.    The retirement phase of life is simply moving off the “firing line” and moving into a quieter stage of life.  This phase of life should be as rewarding as your employment career was.   Some, of course never retire from their active “firing line”position, depends on your status of employment or business.  But not too many of us do that.  We look forward to the day the 9-5 “grind” ends.  Then what?  We may have a hobby or plans for retirement,  but do we have the means to do it?

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