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How To Earn A Residual Income From Home

How do you earn a residual income from home?  First of all we have to define what residual income is.

Let us define what “true residual income” is.    Residual Income is dependable income coming in month after month.  It usually comes from previous economic activity perhaps started some years ago.  Some types of residual income are:

     1.  Stock dividends.

     2.  Social Security.

     3.  Company Pension.

     4.  401K  Investments.

 Where can you find revenue that you can use now and still be receiving something at a retirement age?  That is one very good question.

Retirement should be a time of freedom in which you are able to do the things you want to do or the things that would give you great satisfaction in life.  Maybe you are not retired and need some extra income.  Can you have your cake and eat it too?   So how do you earn a residual income and from home?

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