How To Earn A Residual Income From Home

How do you earn a residual income from home?  First of all we have to define what residual income is.

Let us define what “true residual income” is.    Residual Income is dependable income coming in month after month.  It usually comes from previous economic activity perhaps started some years ago.  Some types of residual income are:

     1.  Stock dividends.

     2.  Social Security.

     3.  Company Pension.

     4.  401K  Investments.

 Where can you find revenue that you can use now and still be receiving something at a retirement age?  That is one very good question.

Retirement should be a time of freedom in which you are able to do the things you want to do or the things that would give you great satisfaction in life.  Maybe you are not retired and need some extra income.  Can you have your cake and eat it too?   So how do you earn a residual income and from home?

 Lets take a look at  Stock Dividends .

There has been research done by a noted financial guru, that if you invest in Mutual Stocks you could earn and have up to $1,000.000 at the end of about 30 years.   If you are starting in life, that could be an option.  There will have to be a lot self-sacrifice during this time period as stocks go up and down.  Dave says that in the long run you can expect these results.

What if you don’t have 30 years or so to invest in this type of thing or the means to do so. The amount need to be invested could be  say $1,000-$1,500 a month but the end results should be quite high.  But for the young with a growing family, this may be next to impossible.  It all depends a lot on your income and of course your expenses as to how much you could invest.

Next is Social Security.

Social Security is not available until you reach age 66.  You can take earlier SS at age 62,  this would be  a lower amount then you would receive at 66 years old.  Certainly this helps but stand alone Social Security will not be enough.

Company Pensions

During our parents generation which can be roughly defined as between   1915-1935.  If you had a job with a large or even medium size company you were pretty much guaranteed a good pension at retirement.  Of course the “Great Stock Market crash” which occurred in 1929 wiped out not only normal income for workers but retirement as well.   But this loss was not for all of the country and was fairly temporary. 

World War II came on the scene in 1941 with the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  This brought on almost instant prosperity and a high demand for workers.  To entice those that weren’t in the military, many perks were offered including fabulous retirement benefits.

Then the Baby Boomer generation (1940-1965) came along and the prosperity continued even after the war.  But things started changing in the 1970s right on thru the 1990s.  Statics show that in 1978 for example  only 38% of workers had any kind of pension.  Companies were no longer as stable as they had been 30-40 years in prior years due to a variety of reasons.

The larger population (Baby Boomers) brought on competition for jobs and less of a demand for workers.  Companies looked for ways of cutting expenses as profitability lessened.

The Viet Nam War upheaval  started to bring  uncertainty on which way the economy was headed.  Again perks like vacation, sick leave and retirement were cut back, bringing anxiety y to what will happen when a worker retires.

Today, not nearly as many companies offer retirement plans as 40 years ago.  Even if you have a pension plan in effect for retirement, will it be enough?  Medical costs are soaring and while Medicare HMOs and Supplements certainly help a lot.  The out-of-pocket costs can be very high.   If the out-of-pocket costs are low, then your monthly premium is usually high.

Finally,  401K plans.

The 401(K) was created in the Revenue Act of 1978 as a supplement to more standard retirements like pensions, SS, etc.  During the course of time especially as the plan gained popularity, it became more of a stand alone like the standard plan,  Social Security.

Now the 401(K) is a co-partnered plan where as the company and the employee contribute to it.  This actually has been a “boon” to smaller companies that could not afford a regular pension plan.

What happens to the funds contributed by both sides?  They are invested in the Stock Market, usually in the form of Mutual Funds.  While this is about as safe of a method as you can get in the Stock Market, there so no guarantee that it will have earned a positive gain through the years.

While the 401(K)  started out as a supplement, it changed a lot in rules and usage.  Early withdraw can lead to high income tax costs.  On some occasions, withdrawal is not allowed until a certain date.  The whole plan is highly complicated and is really not something  you can trust fully as your retirement date rolls around.

As always, there are a few wise, fortunate ones who have the means to retire comfortably.  But to the vast majority, retirement may be a struggle and a bit of a disappointment .  But it need not be.    So how do you earn a residual from home?

There is a company who specializes on integrity, honesty and one of their goals is helping people meet their financial goals in life.  Particularly if you are looking to set aside something for retirement.

What about the fact that I have retired already or about to retire soon.  Is it too late?  The answer is absolutely NOT!    There is an old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  That is totally wrong as you can lean this simple concept at any age.   This business model is available to anyone.    Before I tell you a little more about it, lets talk about what it is NOT:

1.  Does this require selling and stocking of inventory?

2.  How about shipping out products or delivering products?

3.  A lot of customer service work and hassles?

4.  There certainly has to be a big investment upfront?

To all of the above questions, the answer is NO!  This company is not an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and there is absolutely no selling involved.  If there were, I would not be in this venture.

So what is the cost?  The administrative fee is only $19.  First you join the best wellness club in the world as a customer.  After you become a customer you may sign up to be a Market Executive, there is no charge or investment, you pay nothing more.   If you want to be just a customer, that is ok too.

 As a Market Executive you invite others to join as a customer or business partner.  You get paid for each one you enroll, based on their monthly product order.  There are also bonuses for each level you reach.

Because your income is based on the number of folks you have enrolled, the amount of their personal order each month will determine the amount of current and residual income for the month.  Thus you don’t have to start over each month from zero, as these products are consumable.  The re-order rate is about 96.4% each month for current customers .

What is unique about this company is that you can earn bonuses by helping those in whom you have enrolled obtained their goals through coaching and tutoring.  In fact to advance to higher ranks (more income) you have to help some of those whom you personally enrolled reach certain levels.  The more you help others, the  higher your level of income will grow.

With some companies,  it seems that only those that begin with the company when it is just starting, are the only ones  earning anything.  This company is not like that.  For example. someone you enroll may surpass you in earnings or you may pass your enroller.   You are not held back because of a higher level enroller that is not doing as well as you are.

This concept is very unique as the owner and founder wanted to build a company on integrity and trust.  They have the finest products on the market.  WHY?  Because they are made with all natural ingredients.  Thus they are much more healthy, great for the environment, fresh because they are made in the USA and shipped to you in days.

 What kind of products are we talking about?  Here is a very partial list:

1.  Cleaning products.

2.  Terrific vitams that work.

3.  Bathroom and bathing products.

4.  Energy and health bars.

5.  Detergents and other laundry products.

6.  Coffees and teas.

These products are made with natural ingredients and are “green” friendly and are highly concentrated, thus they last a lot longer.

Check out the website for more information on products.

What do I have to do to get started?  You may click on the above website for further product reviews.   All business partners begin as customers so everyone is equal in product buying.

When you enroll as a customer you may also fill out the form to be a business partner.   There is no EXTRA expense or investment to be a business partner.  No up sale charges for being coached or mentored.

All business partners are also customers and your minimum order may be only $50-80 month.   However these household products you buy, are products you would get elsewhere at your grocery or drug store.  So you not adding to monthly expenses, just changing where you buy them.

Whether you enroll as a customer, or are looking for supplemental income or want significant income you will be very glad you took this step.

Then click on the link below that will take you to our sight and follow the instructions to receive more information:














We Hope This Article was Informative!

Thank You for Reading

Bill and Sue


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