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When I first decided to put up this website, I thought I’d just be doing it on essential oils. But then I started to think about my road back to health and realized it wasn’t just the oils, but my diet change and starting on vitamin supplements.

The Journey Begins:

A little over two years ago, I weighed in at 235 lbs at 5 ft 9 inches. I had a heart attack in 2000, at the age of 51, and yes, was overweight then, but had not hit my highest weight yet. I had a stent put in my heart valve and did pretty good until 2013 when I had another attack and had to have another stent. was on 10 different medications for Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes Type2, Hyperlipidemia, and COPD. My doctors were on me to lose the weight and exercise. Who feels like exercising, when you are too heavy to walk. Finally, in 2015, I had a gall bladder attack, and had to have surgery. I told myself, “this is about enough” I’m tired of being unhealthy.

The Next Step:

I started researching different diets. In my lifetime, I have probable been on more diets then I can count. Yes, I would lose the weight, then gain it all back plus a little extra for good measure. I had meals delivered to my house, that tasted like cardboard. Yuk. Ended up throwing most of it away. Then counted points for a while, which worked until I quit counting. And of course, I took diet supplements that never worked. So I needed something I could stay on.

My Epiphany:

One day several months ago I saw something in my email that wanted me to join the Food Revolution Summit for free. Well, the price was right, so I signed up, and to this day am so glad I did. There were 30 speakers during an eight-day period. I learned about eating raw food, and plant based diets. From there I went onto the internet to learn more and found Dr Josh Ash and learned about leaking gut syndrome and more about diet and juicing, and essential oils. I started following every summit I could find that dealt with health. That’s how I met Dr Eric Z with essential oils, and Andrew Saul with the Vitamin Summit.

My Progress So Far:

I am down 48 lbs, off 5 medications and still working on the other 5. Taking vitamins instead of medication, and feeling wonderful. Yes I exercise now. I walk, do Tai Chi, and Qigong,

The Next Step:

If this sounds like you, I will have a lot of information on this website for different aspects of healthy living. I will be giving ideas and places you can go for different products on my affiliate sites. Welcome aboard. If you have any questions just leave me a message and I will get to you.


It was a couple of months or so after Sue started this website that I joined in contributing to articles. She has told you about her journey, which is still in progress and while be for life.

My story is a little different. Like a good many of us, was only a few pounds overweight and since we started this site have lost most all the excess through cut back in intake and exceriese.

My Contribution to this Site

Sue is a retired RN and knows the technical side of health and wellness. I just follow her advice on diets, health issues, and preventive disease plans. My area of contribution is more behind the scenes with ideas to show you, our readers what can be done to improve you health but also how to improve you financial situation.

Our Goal is to Educate and Help You

There is a source that can help you achieve not only wellness but assist in your financial goals. Our articles are about helping you achieve those goals. I just want to remind you that Sue and I are not prescribing anything but only suggesting ways of contributing to your well-being in areas of health and wealth through our articles.

We hope you will find the satisfaction and help that you might need in the blog roll of relate articles.



Please Leave Any Comments or if You Have Any Questions, Feel  Free to Leave Them on the Website or Article





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