Natural Cleaning Products

Are you aware of the dangers of your favorite cleaning products?  I may be stepping on some toes, but scientists have proven the toxicity of many home cleaners.  Please look at the following video:

If you have watched this video, you will see the dangers that lurk in your home that could affect you and your family.  Where can you turn to avoid these dangers?  There is a company that is highly concerned about this situation.  They refuse to compromise on quality and use only the finest of natural ingredients using a balance of science and nature.

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How To Earn A Residual Income From Home

How do you earn a residual income from home?  First of all we have to define what residual income is.

Let us define what “true residual income” is.    Residual Income is dependable income coming in month after month.  It usually comes from previous economic activity perhaps started some years ago.  Some types of residual income are:

     1.  Stock dividends.

     2.  Social Security.

     3.  Company Pension.

     4.  401K  Investments.

 Where can you find revenue that you can use now and still be receiving something at a retirement age?  That is one very good question.

Retirement should be a time of freedom in which you are able to do the things you want to do or the things that would give you great satisfaction in life.  Maybe you are not retired and need some extra income.  Can you have your cake and eat it too?   So how do you earn a residual income and from home?

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How to Get Income for Retirement



There is a highly important question that all of us often ponder, study and question.   What is retirement all about?  Is it just laying back in a hammock or maybe playing 18 holes of golf every day.   Maybe you want to be the grandkids’ chauffeur?  It could be any, all or none of these things.    It is a confusing time not knowing what to do with a lot of extra time on your hands.

Maybe you know what you are going to do,  since you now have the time to travel, engage in hobbies, buy an RV and see the USA.  But there is one problem, if you haven’t planned for retirement due to a variety of reasons you probably be doing none of these things.  Maybe all you can afford is to go to the afternoon matinee or watch those afternoon mind numbing TV programs.

This is could be a reason those  of you approaching retirement, may want to delay that day of saying good bye to your employer.  Have you  through about what these goals and dreams are in retirement are going to cost?

When you are employed or entering the employment market, you may take any old job that comes along, to get started.  As time goes by and your experience increases, you have certain ideas of what you want to do and what you are qualified to do.  You start to plan out a destination for your working career.  This should be the same for your retirement.

Freedom of Retirement

I think people have the wrong idea of retirement.  It’s not about becoming inactive.  Much to the contrary.    The retirement phase of life is simply moving off the “firing line” and moving into a quieter stage of life.  This phase of life should be as rewarding as your employment career was.   Some, of course never retire from their active “firing line”position, depends on your status of employment or business.  But not too many of us do that.  We look forward to the day the 9-5 “grind” ends.  Then what?  We may have a hobby or plans for retirement,  but do we have the means to do it?

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Extra Income For Seniors

Many years ago, my Dad was in a joyful mood.  He was retiring from a small food brokerage with a nice pension.  He had worked hard all of his life and was now reaping the benefit of those years of labor.  He retired at 65 and lived another 30 years.   He and my mother had a great retirement together (except  for her vision problems), but financially they were as secure as any one could be.

But now days  things have really changed.  Through the past 30-35 years, the stability of retirement funds have disappeared.  Sure the 401K has been added,  as other “saving or retirement programs”.  But the mainstream “pensions” are drying up like a river bed in the hot Arizona sun.  

The promises of many companies cannot be fulfilled because of hard economic times.  One day you have a great retirement fund to look forward to and whamo…it’s gone.  There were many retirement stock market programs  which some of you took  out.  Many again, are gone!

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What Is An MLM?

What is an MLM?

Let us define what an MLM is.  “Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is a controversial marketing strategy for the sale of products and/or services. The salesperson, distributor , consultant, promoter, independent business owner or what ever the participant is called,  receives a commission for direct sale of a product/service and  a smaller commission from any one who he has enrolled in the MLM company”.

One of the incentive of an MLM company is that this is a “home based business”with no office to commute to.  In fact this is the most common denominator among all MLM companies.

Each MLM company has it’s “own” compensation program and rules for distribution of wealth.  Many times the only ones that are making the big $$$ are the ones who were in on the “ground floor” when the company was formed.  In another words, the lower in “rank” the less pay you will likely receive in the compensation.

The company will encourage you to build your own network or team.   This is possible for the person who has a “sales” type personality.  The average person who lacks the aggressiveness to sell someone the “plan” usually will have a much smaller team and smaller income from down-line members.  The same thing is true of the direct sales to “customers” which in many cases are other participants in the company rather then those customers outside of the company.

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Healthy Natural Products

Are you tired of non-performing products?  How about all those vitamins that are bragged about on TV, in newspapers, magazines and other media?  Most of the ones I have tried leave you short of any noticeable effect.  Do you know  that many vitamins, performance pills and drinks are made with synthetic ingredients, simply man-made materials?

There is a company that uses only natural ingredients for vitamins, energy bars and drinks, even cleaning products.    These products will not only give you more energy and stamina.   All of these products,  whether they are nutrition, personal care, home cleaning or cosmetics are environmental safe.

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